Discount Jewelry Supplies; A complete kit for learning how to do Jewelry

Discount Jewelry Supplies; Pliers, Findings (clasps, hooks, jumprings, etc), Gemstone and Crystal Beads and Wire -All In One Kit!

What to do on a rainy day… Start a Business!

Do you have a child that loves crafty projects, or maybe you are interested in learning how to make jewelry. Maybe you are interested in learning a new hobby that may turn into a lucrative business!

Years and years ago, I was working at my Mother’s silk flower booth at a craft fair. I remember thinking that I wanted to start selling something, but didn’t know what. It was near Christmas and while walking though the wholesale supply store, I saw some tiny little bows. I remember thinking, “Those would make cute earrings” ~Hmmm… We found some earring posts and my mother helped me glue them on; later I displayed them on our table at the craft fair. Something fantastic happened, I sold them ALL!

But I even had people putting in orders!  I invested the money and purchased more bows, and I also bought little plastic ornaments and made those into earrings too. That was all it took! 

Now, I not only have a website, and a blog, but I also give classes on how to wire wrap and make jewelry.  I even do thousands of contract production pieces of jewelry for HSN!  (And it all started from some bows turned into earrings!)

As I give classes now, the same questions keep coming up “Where do I begin, where do I go to get supplies on a budget”. Sure you can go to the craft stores to buy beading supplies, but it’s so expensive! You’ll need pliers, but there are so many different kinds! You need wire, but what thickness? “I need findings, but this is my 4th trip to the store today & I still don’t think I have everything I need!

They said “Tina, I tried to buy jewelry supplies but just one bag of small crimp beads is $7, and I have to buy 2 to get silver and gold. Pliers are $10 each! If I get everything I need, I will be spending over $200“!

So I thought, where there is a need there has to be a product. I looked and searched for a kit, but time and time again I saw the wrong pliers, not enough variety, overabundance of unnecessary findings, or a shipping window of 2 months! So I just decided, ‘I will just make one!’ I will make a Discount Jewelry Supplies Kit, with everything that I use frequently. That is why I put it all together in one kit for you.

Don’t just look at this as just a ‘Craft Kit’, but a chance to spark interest in building a business or teach kids how to manufacture and sell jewelry; leading the way to become a entrepreneur!

So, What Is Included in The Jewelry Supply Kit?

You will get 3 pliers. Included are a pair of Round Nose pliers, these are like the name implies, they have rounded tips. This gives you the ability to make perfectly round loops. These pliers offer graduated tips, this way you can choose the size of your loop, larger if you make your loop toward the inside, or smaller if you make your loops toward the tip. You will also get a pair of Needle Nose pliers, these are similar to the round nose but they are flat inside. This gives you the ability to hold wires as you twist and better control over opening and closing jump rings. Lastly there is a pair of wire cutters; obviously this is perfect for snipping your wire. You will also get a faux leather zippered pouch with elastic straps to keep pliers in place. Are there better pliers out there? Yes, for sure.

One of my favorite pliers is the Xuron – 494 Four in One Crimping Pliers (click this link for Amazon purchase options).  This is a fantastic pliers to use on crimp beads, beads used on the tiger tail to make flexible beaded bracelets. The bead is crimped with a bend, and once turned 90 degrees it is crimped again to securely hold the tiger tail wire and prevent dislodging and accidental loss. These pliers also feature a fine point for precision wire work. I have needle nose pliers that retail for $80 each, but by far these are my go to pliers time and time again.

I also recommend Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter (click this link for Amazon purchase options).  I use these all the time and have at least 3 spare pairs on hand. Cutters will dull pretty quickly and for precision work, these are just the right price. The cutters included in the kit are sturdy and will cut jewelry wire great, however do not get into tiny spaces well. These cutters will provide a smooth and precise cut, ensuring precision. You can purchase these pliers through the links provided if you want higher quality pliers. The pliers provided in the kit are perfect for beginners and those wanting to have a starting point on how to wire work without spending a lot of money.

Everything you would need to get started making Jewelry.

A large variety of findings is included. There are several pairs of Gold and Silver clad French Ear Hooks, hypo-allergenic so they will not irritate most peoples’ skin. You will also receive Gold and Silver clad Head pins, straight lengths of wires with flat ends, these are great for single beads or to stack on each other. You can make a loop at the top to make a dangle for an earring or a necklace.

The Gold and Silver clad Jump rings are perfect for joining charms, adding on clasps or by adding them to beaded drops to make a linked effect. There are several kinds of clasps included; Bali-Style ClaspSilver clad Spring Rings, Mixed color lobster claw and Silver clad Bali Style Toggle Clasps. Spring rings can sometimes be more difficult to use, but are very secure and great for children’s bracelets. Lobster claws are known for their ease of use and elegance, the most popular style clasp on the market. Toggle clasps are beautiful and fancy, these will spruce up any piece of jewelry.

One of the most impressive aspects of this Discount Jewelry Supplies kit is the Variety of Beads you will receive!

The Variety of Beads included are mixed, random lots that go by weight. You could receive such beautiful Natural and Synthetic Gemstones like Tiger’s Eye, Jasper, Agate, Turquoise, Quartz, Labradorite, Genuine Freshwater Pearls, Goldstone, Amethyst, Garnet; over a hundred other semi-precious gemstones in varied size and shape are possible.

I also have included a random selection of 7 Handmade Lampwork Beads. These beads are made by melting glass around a metal rod (or Mandrel) to form a bead.  These Murano glass beads are then fired in a kiln (tempered) to make them strong and resistant to cracking.

You will also receive a mixed, random lot of Crystals. These crystals will also be a wide assortment of sizes, shapes and colors. You will also receive some that have  an iridium coating that make the crystals iridescent or show several colors at once.



I have also included a pair of Thread Snips, just because these are so handy to have (not just for jewelry)! If you decide to get into beading seed beads, these are great to snip threads. I use them to cut the strings that the beads come on. There is a nice Measuring Tape that is perfect for measuring your wrist or gauging necklace lengths. A very useful tool that I included (and use frequently) is a metric Caliper. It is one of those items that, when you need one, is a blessing to have. You can measure the inside of beads to make sure you get the right wire or cord. It also comes in handy when you are ordering beads on-line, to make sure you order the right size.

The Zipper-Pull Hooks are great to add a bead or two, then clip them onto a jacket. This adds a little ‘Bling’ to your jacket while allowing you to easily use the zipper when you are wearing gloves.  Do you have a ceiling fan that the chain is just too short? Put a zipper pull on it for easy grasp!

Charms, Charms and more Charms!

          I love charms! I love how each charm may have a different meaning to everyone. A cat charm may remind you of a happy memory gardening in the sun and having a neighbor’s cat visit you for treats. Or maybe a ballerina charm that will soon become a prized gift for a niece who dances. I had to include charms! You will receive 25 Assorted and Random Metal Alloy Charms of different sizes and designs. These charms are Lead free and Nickle free. I have also included 30 Assorted and Random Metal Alloy Spacer Beads to accent the charms, should you choose to bead them on a bracelet or a necklace.

Two Spools of Wire and a Spool of Beading Cord is also included

There are Two Spools of Clad Wire, one silver and one gold at 24 gauge. This gauge is a great general purpose wire, not too thick or thin to work with for most projects. Use this wire to string beads, practice your loops or make wire work projects. Very versatile and color fade resistant, this is great wire to use and to learn with. All these supplies will come in a convenient Plastic Sectional Case with removable sections to make each section larger or smaller.
This is a great introductory kit. This Discount Jewelry Supplies Kit will provide you with enough supplies to get started with. Below you will find a list of everything you will receive.

This is a list of everything you will receive:

The Discount Jewelry Supplies Kit will include:

  • 1 Needle nose, 1 Round nose and 1 Wire cutter pliers
  • 1 Plastic Case
  • 1 Measuring Caliper
    Discount Jewelry Supplies Kit
  • 1 Thread Snippers
  • 1 Measuring Tape
  • 1 Spool of Gold filled wire and 1 spool of Silver wire
  • 1 Spool of Tiger Tail
  • 10 Assorted color Lobster Tail clasps
  • 6 Basic silver Lobster Tail clasps
  • 5 Silver Spring Ring clasps
  • 3 Silver Toggle clasps and 1 Gold Toggle clasp
  • 10 Zipper Pull hooks
  • 60 Gold and 60 Silver Jump Rings
  • 5 Gold large Lobster Tail clasps
  • 30 Gold and 30 Silver Crimp beads
  • 30 Gold and 30 Silver Crimp covers
  • 5 Pair Gold hypo-allergenic Ear Wires
  • 15 Pair Silver hypo-allergenic Ear Wires
  • 10 Pair rubber Ear Wire Stoppers
  • 7 Large assorted Lampwork Glass Beads
  • At least 30 Grams of assorted Leaded Austrian Crystals (mystery lot of around 110-130 beads)
  • At least 30 Grams of assorted Natural and Synthetic Gemstones (mystery lot of around 80-120 stones)
  • 25 Assorted Tibetan Charms and Pendants
  • 20 Assorted Tibetan Spacer beads

This kit is valued at over $150 and it is offered to you for $34.99

But there is more included!!

You will also receive a Random Mystery Gift with Every Kit purchased!  This may be 2 Feet of Chain, a Strand of Crystals or maybe a Crystal Prism Suncatcher!

AND, if you purchase this kit through my website and sign up for my email list, you will also receive a special link to a tutorial on how to use each item in the kit!  Once you confirm your email address and you recieve your order, you will be given this   ‘Members Only’ link to access these special detailed instructions.

     If you have always wanted to make interesting earrings, necklaces or bracelets, learn how to wire wrap pendants and perhaps start a jewelry business, This kit is what you are looking for!



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