About Sun Gems & Tina D.

Stylish, Elegant, Artistic; These are words that describe both Tina and her designer jewelry.  At the age of 7 she began selling her own Christmas earrings and beaded necklaces at her mother’s floral business at craft fairs.  She discovered her passion and grew up with the desire to make designer jewelry to sell to her growing followers.  Being encouraged to experiment with multi colored beads, patterns and metal variations, she often would create handmade jewelry that transcended the ordinary.  Now many years later she is emerging from private venues and venturing into the digital age, and starting a exciting and adventurous blog to share her adventures!


          Tina loves joining a sophisticated look with organic appeal whenever possible.  “I love picking out all of my supplies by hand.  I believe that making an exquisite piece of handmade jewelry is pointless if you are using defective stones or cheap supplies.

My customers are what make my handmade jewelry possible, it would be a discredit to my reputation to offer anything less than the best.  All of my sea glass is genuine and around a hundred years in the making, not in-home tumbled for a few weeks.

All of my Sleeping Beauty Turquoise jewelry has come from the (now closed) Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine in Arizona, not a lab.  My tourmaline jewelry offers vibrant colors and unique iridescent looking textures.  I love working with natural stones, the feel and energy that they give off is what makes them genuine.”



Freshwarer Bawa Pearls and Stick Pearls

          Unfortunately; the jewelry industry has seen some unscrupulous sellers, designers using chintzy materials and selling them as genuine.  Tina often deals directly with mines worldwide to offer you the best gemstones available while keeping prices low.  You work hard for your money and when you make a purchase you deserve the best product for the money.  I will post ideas and suggestions on collectors pieces, what is trendy at the moment and how you can protect yourself from buying fakes and being scammed.



Wire wrapped Tree of Life w/ Garnet & Peridot with a Drusy stone.

I believe jewelry is not just an accessory, but an expression. My own work is not about mass production or cheap replicas, but taking my time and crafting high quality handmade jewelry that speaks to the wearer and echoes their personality.

When you go into a chain store to purchase jewelry, you get what you pay for.  You will get a piece of jewelry you might see someone else wearing, something that will loose its luster quickly, or most likely even made out of country in a sweat shop.  I believe that designer jewelry can influence your mood; it can express and mean something different every time you wear it.”


Herkimer Diamond Wrapped in Sterling Silver



          Having dealt with blushing brides, Tina believes that this once in a lifetime event should be blessed with beautiful wedding jewelry.  If you want something sparkly and flashy, fine Swarovski crystal or crystal clear Natural Herkimer quartz will do the job.  For that special piece of wedding jewelry that will be worn over and over again maybe pearls or moonstone may be an option.  Wedding jewelry should last the test of time and serve as a reminder of this special event.



Big Sur Beach Stones and Freshwater Pearl Set



          Not too many years ago Tina visited the breathtaking beaches of Big Sir, California.  Sitting with her feet buried in the sand she immediately began spotting beautiful and extraordinary perfectly smooth round and oval pebbles surrounding her.

The diversity of California geology and the constant fierce wave action had formed these perfect natural gems.  Collecting quite a few she took them home and polished them for a day and ‘WOW’!!!  These little beauties are all one of a kind and formed by nature.  I can only guess at how long these little Jasper, Agate, Tourmaline and Jade stones have rolled in the waves.

No matter how many pieces of jewelry with these organic gemstones you have, each one will be unique.  You will always have that feeling of being at the beach with these beautiful stones.







Thank you for your time!  Please browse all you like, ask questions, or just pull up a beach chair and enjoy the adventure!

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